Create a website
from your Facebook page

How do I find my Facebook Page URL?

Update your website using Facebook, it couldn't be easier!

Create a website using your facebook page

Just post on your Facebook page and SiteShell does the rest!
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SiteShell MarketPlace

We are continually looking to improve SiteShell and have added a marketplace which allows the integration of some of the best Third Party Apps out there.

Whether you are looking to add an e-commerce store, share your music, add a calendar or an event booking system. It is as simple as adding the embed code and it will be displayed in SiteShell!

Driven by Facebook for all devices

Our sites are designed to work on all devices from computers and laptops through to smartphones and tablets which means you can post in one place and not worry about your website!

No additional training is required to maintain your website, if you can post it on your Facebook page then you can keep your site up-to-date!

All the Features you need

SiteShell is an affordable, quick and hassle free way for small businesses to create beautiful websites.


  • "Quick and very easy setup!"

    I needed a new site quickly as my profile was increasing due to TV, Youtube and Internet coverage of my burners. Using SiteShell I was able to get a site up and running in a matter of minutes and I didn't have to re-enter any information or pictures!

    Alex, Burned by Design
  • "Value for money!"

    Gone are the days of my website being out of date! I can now use Facebook to upload all my news and pictures knowing it all goes through to my website without me having to do anything! At £20 a month it is unbelievable value!

    Alex, Longacre Bed & Breakfast
  • "SiteShell is amazing!"

    Me being a bloke who has no idea about tech stuff - you took it on for me - delighted and your advice has made me busy and spread the word.

    Martin, Door to Moor

Your facebook URL is the web address of your Facebook page. This can show in different formats depending on whether you have created a facebook web address in your About (Page Info section on Facebook).